Other Services

Asbestos Disposal

Greenway offers a comprehensive service for the collection and disposal of all types of asbestos. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance and requires expert handling and care to ensure correct disposal in line with Environment Agency guidelines. 

Laboratory Chemicals

Greenway Environmental laboratory chemical division has been in operation for over three decades. Our mobile team specialises in the collection and transport of packaged hazardous waste. These often present a high risk to waste producers and require special handling. Our dedicated fleet of vans, ADR drivers and trained chemists are equipped to collect anything from a single bottle up to a drum load.

Our site staff are experienced and competent at handling difficult wastes.

Fluorescent Tubes and Batteries

Greenway offers a service for the collection of Fluorescent tubes, and Batteries of all types. Specialist containers are provided for storage and their safe transportation to our licensed facilities.